Lookingglass: Identify, Understand, Act

ScoutVision is a Cyber Knowledge-Based Threat Intelligence System designed to transform threat data into threat knowledge.

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The platform’s foundation is a constantly updated cybermap, an accurate account of the enterprise and Internet’s underlying infrastructure, its connectivity and asset ownership.

The cybermap is enriched with millions of unique indicators of compromise. ScoutVision is a highly distributed mutli-function system that applies context to threats enabling proactive security measures.


The Industry’s Most Reliable and Intuitive Cyber Intelligence Platform

Lookingglass ScoutVision™ provides a dynamic view of the world’s enterprise and Internet activity. By fusing data from various proprietary sources and partnerships, ScoutVision™ is the only solution that provides analysis and visualization of logical (IP routing), physical (geo-location) and transit medium (fiber, satellite) topology - enabling cyber professionals to accelerate analysis, and improve responsiveness and effectiveness.


The Ultimate Test of Cyber Preparedness

ScoutSimulate™ tests an organization’s ability to defend against and survive cyber attacks on real-life networks. By accessing Web-based simulations, real-world scenarios are generated to show the impact that malicious Internet activity may have on an organization. By engaging in attack and defend exercises, individuals and teams are scored on preparation, as well as execution of response. Participants learn the valuable lessons associated with a zero-day attack without risk to operational networks or everyday business.


Actively Securing the Extended Enterprise

In partnership with Internet Identity, Lookingglass CloudScout™ delivers market leading extended enterprise defense services combined with the cutting edge visualization and data management tools. CloudScout is a 24/7 hosted service that delivers protection for a client and its extended enterprise, without requiring the client to dedicate any resources to analyzing data or situations. CloudScout protects vulnerable infrastructure connections including BGP and DNS, as well as market leading phishing and malware detection and mitigation services.

For more see: http://www.lgscout.com/

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