LucidWorks: Trusted Lucene/Solr Solutions and Support

LucidWorks, the trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, transforms the way people access information to enable data-driven decisions.


Leveraging both structured and unstructured data built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source search, LucidWorks delivers unmatched stability, scalability, and time-to-delivery for search applications. LucidWorks Search provides ease of use development to access up to billions of documents with sub-second query and faceting response time. LucidWorks Big Data tightly integrates key Apache projects needed to build and deploy applications providing ubiquitous access to the data trapped inside Hadoop.

LucidWorks (formerly known as Lucid Imagination) is the trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, delivering the only enterprise-grade embedded search development solution built on the power of the Apache Lucene/Solr open source search project. Founded in 2008, the company initially provided support, consulting services, documentation and training for the Apache Lucene/Solr open source search project.

Within a few years, the LucidWorks team realized the need to add value to the open source search platform by developing an extensive layer of services which made Lucene/Solr secure and easier to use and manage. The company shipped the first version of its flagship product, LucidWorks Search, in 2011, followed by LucidWorks Big Data on May 07, of 2012. Although LucidWorks continues to offer support, documentation, consulting services and training products for Lucene/Solr, the bulk of its revenue is derived from customers purchasing one of the two LucidWorks Platform products.

LucidWorks remains committed to giving back to the Apache Lucene/Solr community. Employing one quarter of the Core Committers to the Apache Lucene/Solr project, LucidWorks is the largest supporter of open source search in the industry. Further, LucidWorks hosts the Lucene/Solr Revolution, a conference dedicated to sharing ideas and promoting the Apache Lucene/Solr open source search project.

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