A note from Splunk's CEO at Splunk Live

The CEO of Splnk shared some of his vision for Splunk and the enterprise

At the May 2012 Splunk Live event in Washington DC, Splunk's CEO, Godfrey Sullivan, spoke about what Splunk can do for enterprises. He brought up what he sees as the three key drivers of technology right now, Big Data, Consumerization of IT and Cloud. Splunk can help your agency manage these three, and succeed at integrating them into your capabilities.

Why Big Data Matters

Big Data is considerd the name for the deluge of data that is threatening to drown our IT administrators and professionals. Data has been growing exponentially for years, and our sense-making responses have not grown as quickly. Splunk can ingest your big data streams (in log or other formats) and allow you to choose how they streams are displayed. Thus, you can reach a level in which your big data is creating real-time actionable business intelligence.

Consumerization of IT and the Enterprise

Today's smartphones and tablets are key drives of IT growth and usage. It's estimated over 50% of mobile users in the US have smartphones, which are often their only (or main) internet connection. Thus, IT infrastructures must be open to mobile computing. Splunk can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your infrastructure and how it relates to mobile.

Splunk for the Cloud

On-demand IT capabilities allow for scalability and flexibility in any infrastructure. Moving to a cloud enabled architecture provides the ability to quickly provision solutions for consumers. Splunk enables real-time auditing and display of what is going on in your cloud services, enabling compliance and other key needs for federal agencies. Splunk offers a real-time view of data as it moves by querying logs and displaying them in an easy to digest format.

Splunk transforms data streams into knowledge, providing end-to-end enterprise awareness. Its flexbility offers IT decision makers substantial intelligence on which to base decisions. Adding Splunk to an enterprise increases the ability of the enterprise to forecast and react to change, making a stronger, more agile enterprise.

Concluding Thoughts

Godfrey Sullivan has a clear vision for how Splunk can continue to contribute to critically important enterprise missions, and his collaborative approach resonated well with the gathered audience. They clearly appreciated Splunk's establishment of an application store, for example, where applications can be shared among users. Splunk's extensive efforts at reaching out to global users is also a great way to keep them in tune with emerging missions.  Because of this we expect continued innovation and look forward to tracking this Big Data firm closely.

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Ryan Kamauff

Director at Crucial Point
Ryan Kamauff is a senior analyst withCrucial Point LLC. He produces technology focused content for CTOvision.com and reports on analytical megatrends at the new IoT focused ThingsCyber.com.
About Ryan Kamauff

Ryan Kamauff is a senior analyst with Crucial Point LLC. He produces technology focused content for CTOvision.com and reports on analytical megatrends at the new IoT focused ThingsCyber.com.

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