Optensity: Migrate, Compose and Create at Scale with AppSymphony

Rapidly compose and execute data analytics across multiple clouds

Optensity's unique AppSymphony platform provides graphical composition for analytic workflows, virtualizes the composed workflows (or Apps) and executes the Apps across multiple clouds. AppSymphony allows Software Developers, Data Scientists, Domain Experts, Analysts and Decision Makers to collaborate to make Big Data sing to all of its users.

AppSymphony is a platform that enables businesses and government organizations to exploit big data sources while leveraging scalable computing environments and their current workforce.  AppSymphony’s execution engine runs across a variety of compute environments including Amazon EC2, Rackspace, and Google Compute Engine.  Once an analytic workflow, or “App”, has been authored and validated, it is discoverable and useable by anyone else in the enterprise, maximizing the App’s utility to the entire organization.

For Developers and Integrators

AppSymphony allows Developers and Integrators to create, test and publish Components which can be executed as part of an App (or analytic workflow) across private and public clouds as well as other processing resources.  While AppSymphony is distributed with a rich suite of Components and Apps, its Open APIs make it easy for Developers to add new custom analytics.  The API also allows Integrators to quickly migrate existing algorithms and analytics as Components to the scalable AppSymphony platform.

For App Composers and Domain Experts

AppSymphony enables Domain Experts to leverage the full power of the exploding volumes of data and inexpensive scalable cloud computing resources.  App Composers and Domain Experts can easily discover existing Components and graphically compose them to form powerful analytic workflows or “Apps”.  AppSymphony is distributed with an App repository that makes it easy to share Components and Apps.  In addition, AppSymphony offers a web interface so that composed Apps can be configured and executed from outside the graphical composition environment.

For Analysts and Decision Makers

By abstracting away the computer science complexities associated with exploiting data sources, Analysts and Decision Makers can focus on analyzing and responding to big data instead of writing computer code or dealing with the intricacies of scalable processing paradigms.  AppSymphony allows Analysts and Decision Makers to quickly find the right App, tailor it to their exact needs, and execute the App across one or more clouds with the click of a button.  A rich set of reporting and visualization Components are provided and adding additional reporting or visualization Components is fully supported by the AppSymphony Open API.

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