Our Other Web Properties

Our  Primary Properties are:

  • CTOvision.com  - We serve the enterprise technology community by seeking out the most relevant news, commentary and assessments on technology. The site also fuels several newsletters. Our premier publication is our monthly technology review. Every month we send this to over 25000 technology thought leaders. Other products include our Daily CTOvision.com summary and the Weekly Government Big Data Newsletter.  Sign up for these newsletters here.
  • ThreatBrief.com - Providing an updated feed of open source threat intelligence reporting.

Our Other Web Properties Include:




  • VPNwonk - News and analysis and services for VPN.
  • ProxyWonk - A free proxy, great for hiding your IP address while surfing the net
  • PasswordWonk - Fast free password generation.
  • DomainScans - Scan any Internet connected domain.
  • SharkScan.com - Scan for malicious code.
  • MalwareCheck.org - Correlate multiple sites to assess any URL for malicous code
  • CyberSecurityMix.com - Reviews of the top cyber technologies


  • BobsDNS - How we manage our site registrations.
  • CloutBot - Measure multiple factors on any site, fast.
  • IPWonk - Find out what your IP address is, fast.
  • CloudWonk.com - Cloud resources
  • FreeProxyReport.com - List of working proxy sites, updated continuously
  • IPChangerSoftware.com - About VPNs