Palantir: Augmenting Human Intelligence, Not Replacing It

With this post we are initiating coverage of Palantir Technologies.

Palantir has been around for 10 years now, and is widely known in the enterprise IT world for their work in big data analytics. They provide infrastructure to enterprises seeking to make optimal use of their data. Palantir continues to evolve and continuously improve their enterprise data integration platform, which is an open and powerful capability that revolutionizes the ability of people to get their job done.

For a brief introduction see the video at this link:

Their approach: Palantir focuses on solutions to real-world problems. Too many in the data space focus on optimizing pieces and parts and maybe some tools. Palantir's approach, which starts with customer mission needs, enables data integration to solve those needs. Their data integration platform enables search, discovery, sensemaking, knowledge management and how to leverage that knowledge by enhancing collaboration. The Palantir data integration platform comes with advanced identity management solutions to facilitate collaboration and continued knowledge creation.

By taking this approach of focusing on customer missions first and then leveraging comprehensive data integration platform, Palantir is helping customers tackle big problems that have. Missions served include support to strategic decision-making, mitigation of fraud, protection of privacy, support to law enforcement, cybersecurity, healthcare (including enhancing patient outcomes), pharmaceutical development, and Support to R&D in businesses across multiple sectors of the economy.

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