Percipient: We love the mission focus of this AI product company, America’s preeminent national security artificial intelligence firm, delivers machine learning and computer vision products for the nation’s most challenging missions. Their flagship product, Mirage, is a state of the art platform for multi-source intelligence that radically reduces the time required to process, exploit & disseminate time-sensitive data. Deep learning algorithms tailor made for object detection, classification, activity recognition, and automated alerting. Mirage is computer vision as it should be: open architecture, modular and expandable. Designed for multi-source intelligence geo-correlation, intuitive learning and easy report generation.

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Bob Gourley

Founder and CTO at Crucial Point LLC
Bob Gourley is the founder and CTO of Crucial Point LLC where he leads technology due diligence consulting. He is the publisher of and Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley
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