Percipient: We love the mission focus of this AI product company

We have been treated to in person demos of Percipient’s flagship product, Mirage. We have also had the pleasure of personally meeting the leadership team and some of the key technologists that have built this platform. This has led us to the conclusion that Percipient has both the mission focus and vision to continue to innovate. They are currently very capable platform will continue to evolve and be of service well into the future. This is a company in it for the long term.

For some of why we love Percipient see this OODAcast with CEO Balan Ayyar


Their flagship product, Mirage, is a state of the art platform for multi-source intelligence that radically reduces the time required to process, exploit & disseminate time-sensitive data. Deep learning algorithms tailor made for object detection, classification, activity recognition, and automated alerting. Mirage is computer vision as it should be: open architecture, modular and expandable. Designed for multi-source intelligence geo-correlation, intuitive learning and easy report generation.

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