PFP Cybersecurity: Providing iron-clad identity for any device and detecting any anomalous behavior

PFP Cyber does something so new and so positive it almost defies categorization. There is no Gartner magic quadrant or Forrester wave for what they do. The closest category of security solutions might be those of identity management, authentication and authorization but they are doing these things for hardware, not people. PFP can tell, by measuring details of power consumption, what a device is and if it is behaving normally. It can use this capability to identify counterfeit hardware. It can also identify when malicious code has been installed on devices because of changes to the power signature of the device.

For an overview of how they do it, see:

The result: PFP cyber provides a device security platform solving some of the biggest challenges in security today. Solutions are proven to work for IoT, data center servers, PCs, routers, ICS and SCADA devices. Solutions can be used for operational systems and for also confirming products before they are brought into the enterprise. For example, see the brief demo below showing a supply chain assurance solution:

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