Ping Identity: Secure cloud identity management

Ping Identity provides full spectrum security capabilities that enable cloud single sign on and other identity management services.

From their website:

Simple, proven and secure cloud identity management for employees and customers. Ping Identity meets identity challenges across the enterprise, improving collaboration and customer engagement.

Take Your Workforce to the Cloud

Frequently used business applications are rapidly moving to the cloud. Give users one-click access to all of them anywhere, anytime, from any device, while keeping their identities safe. Learn more about our on demand workforce identity management

  • Eliminate most passwords through standards-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • Extend your corporate security policies to all cloud applications – even mobile
  • Implement – and terminate – access to applications quickly and securely

Strengthen Business Relationships with Client-Facing Applications

Organizations are using applications to get closer to clients, increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage. As a result, IT is faced with new security challenges and identity management overhead.

  • Give your clients secure and seamless standards-based SSO
  • Deliver a single point of access to private and public applications
  • Create a secure business network with federated connections to any client

Build Customer Loyalty with Secure Third-Party Service Aggregation

A cloud strategy that leverages applications and data from third-party vendors is a fast path to delivering customer and partner value. Ping Identity makes those integrations seamless and secure, creating an experience your users will appreciate.

  • Provide a seamless user experience
  • Ensure secure API transactions between cloud applications
  • Eliminate password storage in third-party applications

Keep Business Running Smoothly

Whether driven by organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, IT integration projects can have a negative impact on productivity and the bottom line. Ping Identity helps keep IT focused on adding business value and accelerates shareholder ROI.

  • Bridge identity silos quickly by eliminating painful integration projects
  • Give employees seamless access to all internal applications - read the Land O'Lakes Story
  • Accelerate integration of directories, identity infrastructures and customer-facing applications

Simplify Access to Consumer-Facing Applications

Almost every cloud application requires a user account, whether for personalization, subscriptions or online purchases. Consumers suffer from registration fatigue. IT spends too much time managing identities. Ping Identity helps solve these problems and protects customers by eliminating the need to store passwords

  • Reduce registration drop off and increase application adoption by re-using social identities
  • Eliminate the risk of storing consumer passwords
  • Provide an extra layer of security when accessing sensitive data such as credit card or Social Security numbers

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