Planet OS: A platform for real-world sensor data integration

Planet OS is a platform for real-world sensor data integration for ocean, land, air and space sensors.

Planet OS has developed a powerful suite specifically focused on indexing sensor and machine data that combines data mining, integration, search and discovery, and data exchange. The data types can be virtually anything from overhead imagery, to sonar data, to unattended sensors, to marine weather sensors. It is deployable inside your firewall, or in a private or public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Planet OS's capability to work with a wide variety of data types enables organizations to build advanced domain-specific applications without the fragmentation or duplication of data assets. Planet OS’s technology transforms disparate data into rich visual stories and provides accessibility to end-user applications from a central location. For example, Planet OS enables users to look at all available sensor data, regardless of stovepipe, in one geospatial view for any timestamp.

From their website:


Data Manager

The Data Manager is designed for real-time ocean, air and climate data. Organize and distribute all your data assets in one location — ingest and curate data flows, manage users and access control, inspect individual platforms and data streams.

View spatial and temporal coverage for individual projects, platforms, and data streams

Grant users granular rights and permissions depending on their role in your organization

Keep an eye on your data streams with key metrics and spatio-temporal coverage charts




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