Platform Giants and Venture-Backed Startups

Since 2015, first VC financings have declined by up to 25% to 40% annually for startups operating in sectors exposed to the core activities of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Why are companies that follow these big companies not attracting big money anymore? A friend recently pointed me to a July study by Oliver Wyman titled Assessing the Impact of Big Tech on Venture Investment. I was immediately intrigued because this is a question I’m asked all the time and one for which I don’t have a good answer. On the one hand, I see how platform giants could expand startup activity because they seed an ecosystem, improve labor quality, and provide capital (as customers, investors, and acquirers).

Read Ian Hathway’s analytical article about how VC funding for companies with exposure to Google, Facebook, and Amazon is slowly drying up on his blog.

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