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CTOvision Pro is our subscription only research and analysis service. This service leverages our proven ability to spot, analyze and accelerate disruptive technologies to provide mission impacting, actionable information.

You may request a free 30 day trial to look around by using your LinkedIn account.

We deliver actionable insights that will make direct contributions to your success. Subscribing gives you a leg up over your competition by making sure you are always aware of what is possible in enterprise IT.

CTOvision Pro members receive:

  • Exclusive content
  • Invite-only newsletter with insights and summaries of our latest reports
  • Access to our “Ask the CTO” feature
  • In depth analysis on enterprise IT
  • Overviews on and projections/assessments on the future of IT
  • Special reports on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security
  • Special reporting on Federal IT
  • Early notice of and deep discounts to CTOvision events
  • Ability to nominate firms for CTOvision review

Our high value reports will help you know the difference between leading edge and bleeding edge and fantasy. Know which technology is about to disrupt the market and beat out existing programs and projects. And be the first to find out which company holds the greatest potential of helping you succeed in your enterprise mission and business pursuits.

CTOvision Pro Signup

    We will conduct due diligence on your email and name and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is not an enterprise IT professional. Your 30 day trial starts immediately. We will invoice at your selected rate 30 days from now. You may cancel at any time.