Recorded Future: Web Intelligence Software Platform To Anticipate Threats and Capitalize On Opportunities

We have reported on Recorded Future since their founding and have watched closely as they have evolved to become a full scope web intelligence software platform able to make unique and very positive contributions to enterprise missions. Recorded Future provides a comprehensive source of past, planned and predicted events on the web. Key to their capabilities is the world's first temporal analytics engine.

Missions served by Recorded Future are as varied as the web itself. Anything humanity is doing on the web can be better served by the temporal analytics of Recorded Future. But illustrative examples include contributions to Cyber Intelligence, Corporate Security, Competitive Intelligence and Defense Intelligence.

In each of those domains, Recorded Future enables faster assessments, better awareness and smarter analysis.

For an example of contributions Recorded Future can make to cyber intelligence see the video at this link and embedded below:

And for more see

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Download “Integrating Web Intelligence Into Cyber Security Operations” 131017-Integrating-Web-Intelligence-into-Cyber-Ops.pdf – Downloaded 2755 times – 1 MB

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