Red Balloon Security: Intrusion defense for any embedded device

Red Balloon builds intrusion defense, persistent implant detection, and situational awareness capabilities that can be installed on any embedded device.

The team of Red Balloon has some fame in the security community. For a glimpse of why see this presentation at Defcon:

Red Balloon Security is a leading security provider and research firm for embedded devices across all industries. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Ang Cui, the company’s core technology, Symbiote Defense, was originally developed within Columbia University’s Intrusion Detection Systems Lab. Red Balloon Security’s pioneering R&D is led by a team of world-class academic researchers and developers who have published seminal research papers in the fields of embedded security and intrusion detection, led US Department of Defense funded research activities, ethically disclosed vulnerabilities within hundreds of millions of ubiquitous embedded devices and worked as embedded security researchers within various intelligence agencies.

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