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  • Why Smart Manufacturing is a Dumb Idea

    Someone asked me recently my thoughts on Smart Manufacturing. The so-called IT revolution in the factory. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t see Smart Manufacturing as the salvation of American manufacturing. Don’t misunderstand me. Smart Manufacturing has a place in reviving American manufacturing. I have a smart factory. We employ the latest in pick to […] More

  • Dallas Police Used Robot With Bomb to Kill Ambush Suspect

    Dallas Police used robotics in response to the horrible events of 7 July 2016, including the use of a robot with an explosive device to kill a suspect involved in the coordinated attack. The suspect was holed up in the El Centro College parking garage for several hours overnight Thursday before policed moved with their […] More

  • Warning Meat Puppets: Robotic Trucks Drive Across Europe In Demonstration Of What Is Possible Today

    An operational fleet of robotic trucks just demonstrated their safety and efficiency by autonomously moving across Europe. In an article titled “A fleet of trucks just drove themselves across Europe,” Joon Ian Wong writes that: About a dozen trucks from major manufacturers like Volvo and Daimler just completed a week of largely autonomous driving across […] More

  • Lights-Out Manufacturing: Future Fantasy or Good Business?

    Editor’s note: We noticed this article in Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space and requested their permission to repost it here. Line//Shape//Space is a site dedicated to inspiring designers and creators. -bg “Naturally, Man should want to stand on his own two feet … but how can he when his own machines cut the ground out from under him?” So states […] More

  • MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and NASA Teaming On Advanced Humanoid Robot

    NASA has announced that MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory( CSAIL) is one of two university research groups nationwide that will receive a 6-foot, 290-pound humanoid robot to test and develop for future space missions to Mars and beyond. You need to see this thing to believe it. Check it out in the video at […] More

  • Pew Report: Robotics, A.I., and Jobs

    Scientists, programmers, and engineers work ceaselessly to develop improvements in robotics and artificial intelligence, which constitute some of the most impressive technological feats ever accomplished. Impressive personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana can interpret voice commands, provide useful information, and even tell jokes, while incredible supercomputers like IBM’s Watson can make hypotheses and literally learn. […] More

  • Domestic “Drones” Are the Latest Object of Threat Inflation

    Recently, several news outlets reported on a supposed plot by a Moroccan national to use remote controlled model airplanes as flying bombs. The story seems to lend credibility to speculation that model airplanes could be the next terrorist threat. In reality, however, these fears are part of a larger pattern of threat inflation about domestic […] More

  • DARPA Official: Human-Robot Teams Key to Disaster Response

    DARPA is advancing the science of robot-human teams that can be deployed to respond to natural disasters and other events deemed too dangerous for first responders. from American Forces Press Service News Feed DARPA Official: Human-Robot Teams Key to Disaster Response By Cheryl Pellerin American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2014 – In the […] More

  • Preparing for the Future of AI, Where Robots Can Learn and Ask Humans For Help!

    In a world full of self-driving cars, flying drones, and other robots, daily interactions with artificial intelligence will have a profound effect on how we live our lives. Elemental video scientist Boonsri Dickinson visited Carnegie Mellon robotics pioneer Maneula Veloso to talk about the science behind her robotic creations and the many years she has […] More

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