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  • Drone Strikes and the Lessons of Nonlinear Science

    The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to carry out targeted killings of suspected terrorist leaders has become a centerpiece of the United States’ global counter-terrorism strategy. Each new report of a strike in Pakistan, Yemen, or Somalia provides new fodder to critics, who point to civilian casualties and the resulting anger at […] More

  • Innovation and Robotics: The Uncanny Valley of Death

    The Jetsons premiered almost 50 years ago, but where’s Rosey? Science fiction has been predicting the rise of robotics in daily life for decades and, for the most part, science fact has delivered, with ever-improving artificial intelligence driven by faster processors, and continued advancements in mechanical engineering allow machines to perform increasingly complex physical functions. […] More

  • Updates on Dronegate

    Since I wrote my fist post on the virus affecting the drone fleet at Creech Air Force base, information has begun to trickle in and some interesting commentary has emerged. The Air Force has followed their official press release stating that the virus, which they say was a credential stealer, was merely a nuisance with a statement […] More

  • Dronegate: The First Casualty is our Cybersecurity Paradigm

      As of yet, there is no definitive narrative of the virus that hit the U.S. drone fleet at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada this September. Original reports stated that drone cockpits had been infected with a keylogger virus and, while there was no indication that classified information had been stolen or that missions had been compromised, […] More

  • We’re Already Cyborgs

    I noticed the phenomenon XKCD describes above in a recent trip outside the states to Uzbekistan, via Munich. When I touched down in Germany, to my surprise the airport didn’t have wifi and data roaming was $20 a megabyte. With prices more fitting of truffles than data and no internet outlets like I had seen […] More

  • Robots are Coming! (soon, to an enterprise near you)

    Some of the most famous robots I’ve had the pleasure to observe are UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).  These devices usually operate under human control, but most also come with the advanced circuitry that allows them to decide how to move from point to point through the air.  This is some really complex technology that requires […] More

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