Semantic Research: Providing netcentric intelligence for good guys

For an overview of Semantic Research we recommend starting with a look at the video embedded below and at this link:

From their website:

Based on the early, ground-breaking work on knowledge representation for education by our founders, Semantic Research has been redefining the way users visualize, interact with, and understand data and information for more than 10 years.

After the events of 9/11/2001, we turned our attention to the problems associated with “connecting-the-dots” of information. Our unique adaptation of semantic network theory, from cognitive science, artificial intelligence and education, has enabled us to tackle the very hard problems of data fusion and common representation with a very different, and much more adaptable, vision than anyone else in the business.

The Network has become the dominant model for understanding in the modern age: Social networks, supply-chain networks, terrorist networks, financial networks, transnational criminal networks – all are based on amorphous, constantly adapting networks of people, organizations, places, things, events and ideas.

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