SEPATON S2100-ES2 Data Protection Platform: Purpose-built for Big Backup

SEPATON designs and implements data protection solutions specifically for large, data-intensive enterprises facing the challenges of Big Backup. SEPATON’s fourth generation data protection platforms deliver the industry’s highest levels of scalability, performance, and reliability. These powerful, massively scalable, and extensible solutions are deployed in the largest enterprises in the world, enabling them to meet their service level agreements for data backup, restore, and disaster recovery.

SEPATON solutions enable businesses to:

Protect Petabytes In A Single System. Advanced grid scalability specifically designed for the needs of data intensive organizations lets enterprises purchase a system that meets today’s Big Backup data protection needs. They can then add capacity or performance independently as their data volumes grow to protect up to 1.6 petabytes in a single system – many times more than that with deduplication.

Meet Recovery Time Objectives(RTOs) with Fast Data Restores. DeltaStor’s unique architecture keeps a full copy of the most recent backup intact at all times – eliminating the need to reassemble the most recently backed up data before restores.

Meet Stringent Backup Windows. DeltaStor software enables customers to maintain deterministic 43.2TB/hour backup performance ensuring that companies can meet or exceed backup window SLAs.

Enable Bandwidth Optimized Remote Replication. DeltaStor deduplication enabling fast, cost-effective remote replication. It cuts the bandwidth required to replicate data to the safety of a remote disaster recovery site over a WAN by as much as 97 percent.

Cloud-Enabling Secure Multi-tenancy and Charge-back. Storage pooling also features secure multi-tenancy and charge-back to support public and private cloud infrastructures, enabling IT staff to protect and manage data from multiple clients, departments, or applications in a single appliance.

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