SiSense: Democratizing Big Data Analytics

SiSense: Democratizing Big Data Analytics

SiSense is democratizing Big Data Analytics by pioneering a new approach that enables organizations of all sizes to make sense of their data.


SiSense Prism – powered by Elasticube™ technology – features In-Memory Columnar Datastore, strong data compression, parallel processing, and advanced query optimization – offering analytical processing power previously available only with high-end solutions.

It allows non-technical users to analyze 100 times more data at at least 10 times the speed of current in-memory analytics solutions. There’s no need to set up complex data warehouse systems or OLAP cubes. And there’s no need for coding or scripting, regardless where data comes from or how big it is. Hundreds of companies in 48 countries, from startups to large enterprises like Target and Merck, are choosing this new approach over traditional solutions.

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