SolidFire: Performance Virtualization

SolidFire is delivering the next innovation in storage technology to solve the unique technical and economic requirements of primary block storage in the cloud. It's just what cloud service providers need. SolidFire combines exclusive use of solid-state drives (SSDs) with a high-efficiency architecture that enables radical gains in cloud-scale performance while simultaneously increasing utilization to more than 85%.

There are two keys to our solution: The SolidFire storage node and the SolidFire Element™ Operating System.

Storage systems (clusters) are built through the combination of multiple SF3010 Storage Nodes over a 10 Gb iSCSI Ethernet grid. Within a cluster, the performance and capacity resources of each node are aggregated, providing a system that scales linearly with each additional node. SolidFire enables cloud providers to scale efficiently, on demand, and without downtime or impact to application performance.

Every SolidFire storage appliance runs SolidFire's Element™ Operating System, the powerful platform that excels at three important qualities currently missing in cloud-scale storage solutions:

  • Performance: Gives cloud service providers the ability to set and guarantee storage performance for every tenant volume within the system.
  • Efficiency: Leverages inline deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning in real time to dramatically reduce capacity, power,and cooling requirements.
  • Management: Enables the automation of all aspects of storage deployment, management, and reporting. Easily integrates with any cloud management solution.

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