Some "Must Attend" Events in the Federal IT Space

Good conferences can really help you get things done.  You connect with people you need to meet, learn new trends, gain insights into customer perspectives and keep improving your own abilities.  But you already know that.  You probably also know that you can go overboard with conferences. You can spend so much time in them it can detract from getting your job done.

So the trick is finding the right events/conferences/meetings to go to.  I list some below I would like to draw your attention to- for me they are the right events for the rest of 2009.  Please consider whether or not these are strategic fits for what you have going on:

SummerOfGov,  16 July.  This is not a conference, it is a social celebration of two key milestones in the history of government 2.0.  We will be celebrating the wrap up of Apps for Democracy "Community Edition" and the one year anniversary of GovLoop.   It would be good to see you there.

Open Government & Innovations Conference (OGI), July 21-22.   The agenda shows some incredible keynotes.  I know many of the people involved in organizing this and they are world class people looking to enhance concepts like open government, innovation, transparency, collaboration and support to the mission of government.

Gov2.0 Summit: The Platform for Change, September 9-10.   This gathering is a summit in every sense of the word.  Some of the most powerful mission and IT thinkers from government, the IT industry and academia are coming together in a venue designed to change the way the government serves.  One look at the agenda and you will see why this gathering is the must attend event of the year.

AFCEA IT Acquisition Solutions, September 9-10.   An incredibly important topic.  The dates coincide with the Gov2.0 summit.  That sort of conference collision is unavoidable, unfortunately.  But the good news is that AFCEA always does a remarkable job of capturing content for online use.

Adobe MAX 2009, October 4-7  Adobe's annual come together for developers, designers and planners.  I won't be able to make it, but will be tracking it online.  If you go please keep me in  the loop.

1st Annual Government IT Conference & Expo, October 6.  I'll be giving the keynote at this first of Sys-con's new federal series.  This one is focused on cloud computing, with a focus on private clouds and ways to best use clouds in support of the government mission.

Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT Summit, October 6-7.   The intersection of green/virtualization/cloud can put us on a very virtuous spiral that continually builds on itself while inproving computer power and functionality.  This promises to be a good event that will give you real information you can use.

Fall Intelligence Symposium, October 14.  If you work in the national security space please review this agenda.  This conference always sells out.

I should also mention that if you can't be at one of those conferences you should figure out who to follow on Twitter and what the hashtags for the conference are.  That will give you a sense of what is going on and it will also generate pointer for you to things like blogs people are writing during and after the conference.

If you and I are not already connected on Twitter, find me at I'll send out what I can from those events.

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Bob Gourley

Partner at Cognitio Corp
Bob Gourley is a Co-founder and Partner at Cognitio and the publisher of Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley
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About Bob Gourley

Bob Gourley is a Co-founder and Partner at Cognitio and the publisher of and Bob's background is as an all source intelligence analyst and an enterprise CTO. Find him on Twitter at @BobGourley

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