Sumo Logic: Make Your Applications Run Longer & Stronger

Sumo Logic provides the first cloud-based log management and analytics solution and removes the headaches associated with on-premise log management software, expensive hardware, complex management, and frequent software upgrades.

Collect Any Log from Any Source

Collect, compress, and securely transfer all of your log data regardless of volume, type, or location:

  • Local or remote log files
  • Network, security, and other devices syslog
  • Local or remote Microsoft Windows Events

Retain All Your Logs

Retain all your logs within the Sumo Logic Service, so you never have to worry about log data archiving, backups and restores. Sumo Logic’s globally distributed data center architecture provides the highest levels of data security, redundancy and durability.

  • Customizable retention periods from days to years
  • Data always encrypted at rest, customer-unique encryption keys rotated daily
  • Instant access to any data, regardless of time period.

Search Everything in Real Time

Index all of your data in real time and run lightning-fast searches across all your logs. Sumo Logic collects and processes all your logs in real time so that you can search the most up-to-the-minute information:

  • Use search engine-like syntax
  • Easily find messages with relevant keywords
  • Search across all your logs or a single source

Perform Deep Analysis

Go far beyond searching with Real-time Interactive Analytics. Sumo Logic embeds powerful analytics functions and constructs that enable you to:

  • Extract data fields and values
  • Aggregate results based on relevant variables
  • Perform transformation, mathematical and statistical analysis on data
  • Execute conditional logic on individual logs or aggregations
  • Correlate and see the timeline across multiple systems

Discover New Behaviors

Reduce hundreds of thousands of pages of results into a single page of meaningful patterns. Sumo Logic’s LogReduce™ technology, with its powerful machine-learning algorithms reduces the noise within log data and surfaces meaningful behaviors:

  • Events that occur more than others (e.g. error flooding your logs)
  • Events that occur very infrequently but are important (e.g. rare exception)
  • Changes in underlying application behavior (e.g. an error message that never occurred before)

Alert and Notify

Set up notifications based on specific conditions or new patterns seen in log data and get alerted. Conditions can be precise or can be based on deviations from baselines such as:

  • A specific number of occurrences of an exception
  • Average application response time exceeds some value
  • Deviation from baseline with anomaly score greater than some value
  • Any time a new pattern is seen in log data

Cloud-based From the Ground Up

With log data growing exponentially, current solutions can’t keep up. All of the above capabilities are only possible with today’s new cloud-based technologies. Sumo Logic is cloud-based from the ground up and removes the headaches associated with on-premise log management such as expensive hardware, complex management, and frequent software upgrades. The Sumo Logic solution delivers:

  • Fast provisioning: Sign-up, start collecting logs, and uncover hidden insights in 15 minutes.
  • Cloud or data center: Collect from data centers and the cloud with ease, and gain visibility no matter where you run your applications and infrastructure
  • Low TCO: There’s no need to provision servers or storage, upgrade software, or spend countless hours managing configurations spend countless hours managing configuration.

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