Melissa Hathaway speaks at Intelligence and National Security Alliance

INSA, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, is a group of professionals from academia, industry and government who seek to enhance innovation, discussion, debate and progress on key national security issues.  I’ve been involved as a member for years and get the pleasure of interacting with folks from a wide swath of the community. One […]

What is Cloud Computing: I'm forming up on the NIST view

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Information Technology Laboratory is working on a definition of cloud computing (version 14 of their working draft is on their site and is looking great).  Like other NIST efforts they have taken a collaborative/collegial approach in building this definition.  You can find the full definition at the […]

The Role of the CTO: Four Models for Success

One of my favorite examinations of the role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is Tom Berray’s The_Role_of_the_CTO_Four Models for success If you are an enterprise CTO or any technologist looking for career context I strongly recommend it to you for its situational awareness and context. Tom writes of CTOs in four models: The Infrastructure Manager […]

Gov 2.0: Cloud Computing As Government Panacea

The importance of cloud computing was a significant theme at this week’s  Government 2.0 Summit Two of the most influential people in the cloud computing market — Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and General Services Administration CIO Casey Coleman — talked today at the Gov 2.0 Summit about cloud computing’s high potential as a cheaper, better […]

Google Apps: The Missing Manual

I’ve mentioned before that I run my small business, Crucial Point LLC, primarily by leveraging cloud computing capabilities. With this post I’ll mention a book that helped me do that: Google Apps: The Missing Manual. This book does a great job at capturing the core functionality of Google Apps. However, no book can keep up […]

5 Tech Toys for this Holiday Season

We are almost at Christmas, and a lot of people don’t know what to buy their loved ones this season.  Do not worry, we here at CTOvision have provided you with a list of items that will be certain to bring joy to your loved ones this holiday season. 1) New non-3D LCD/LED TV. New […]