Splunk: Make Your Machine Data Accessible, Useful, and Valuable

Your data contains a definitive record of your user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior and fraudulent activity, information that is essential for managing, securing and auditing your environment – whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. This data also enables you to gain end-to-end visibility and insights on to how to better run IT and […]

AirPatrol: Cognitive Mobility and Wireless Situational Awareness.

AirPatrol delivers the first intelligent enterprise mobility solution that continuously monitors mobile devices and dynamically adapts their capabilities for the situation. AirPatrol operates under the premise that in security location is everything. There management team, board, and advisors are all first rate, as is their reputation for partnering with others in the community. Their brands […]

Kapow Katalyst Mobile Enablement Solutions

The prevalence and continued growth of tablets and smartphones along with the consumerization of IT make mobile one of the most important trends in computing. With the rapid rise of mobile, however, many enterprises are struggling to keep up. With Kapow Mobile Katalyst you can transfer web properties and business apps to mobile platforms faster […]

An Introduction to Kapow Software

Kapow software provides application integration capabilities that provide rapid enhancements in IT support to organizational missions. Their Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform is designed to enable the fast delivery of capabilities, and it does so via an easy to understand and use interface. Kapow eliminates the need for APIs to access application data. This is […]

Cross Agency Kapow

More complete, effective, and efficient information and IT sharing across the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) is a leading goal for the Directorate for Information Management and Chief Information Office (DS), which recently released its strategic vision for the next 5 years.  The first goal laid out in the plan is to “facilitate and enhance information sharing […]

Lingotek: The Translation Network

Lingotek | The Translation Network provides opportunities for businesses to expand into global markets by providing Inside Content Management System modules in conjunction with a cloud-based translation management system and professional translation services network. Lingotek clients manage translation using an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard. Translators use a completely browser-based translation interface that provides access to all […]