The Relationship between AR Tech and Insurance

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that involves the use of digital content such as music, text, video and pictures to enhance a real world environment. It is important to point out that this technology does not entirely replace the real world like the virtual reality technology. In this case, a mobile device is normally […]

Eric Schmidt Provides Insights Into The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at RSAC2017

There are many great ways to learn about Artificial Intelligence. An important one is to listen to those strategic thinkers who are helping drive real advancements into applications. As a long term student of AI, I have other videos I will recommend to you to better learn the history of AI and its many AI […]

Unleash Machine Learning: Build Artificial Neuron in Python

Course covers: a journey into Machine Learning concepts using your very own Artificial Neural Network: Load, Train, Predict, Evaluate. In this course you will begin Machine Learning by implementing and using your own Artificial Neuronal Network for beginners. In this Artificial Neuronal Network course you will: understand intuitively and mathematically the fundamentals of ANN implement from […]

Generative Adversary Networks: A very exciting development in Artificial Intelligence

For years there has been a growing concern that many forms of machine learning are actually easier to deceive than they should be (and there is good reason to be concerned, for background on why see the paper recommended to me by my friend Lewis Shepherd: “Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled”). Many of us have […]

Does AI Make Self-Driving Cars Less Safe?

Recently, most industries are facing a significant change due to the improvement in technology. The automotive sector is one of the industries that are defined by the normal technological development. Various automotive companies have been working to release self-driving vehicles. The self-driving vehicles use the machine learning technology to substitute the human driver. The self-driving […]

Help Shape how AI is Used To Transform Your Enterprise at AI Evolution

All of us have been closing watching Artificial Intelligence. For decades it has been a concept with huge potential. For the last few years we have watched it deliver incremental capabilities to a wide range of technologies in the consumer and enterprise space. Now it is clearly set to deliver transformative capabilities that can change […]