How fast is 3G and what is 3.5G and when will 4G really be here?

Most enterprise CTOs are very interested in the “cloud” and ways to tap into cloud-based resources.   An interesting aspect of this discussion has been how to access the cloud while on the move.   Today’s cellular networks support that access today, and future enhancements are making that support even better and much much faster. How much […]

Blackberry 9630 Tour: Perfect for my small business needs

I just upgraded my Verizon Blackberry World Edition to the BlackBerry Tour 9630. This note provides a few observations. I use my phone for business, so I need good clear always-on voice.  But my Blackberry is also my hand held office. I need a device that lets me rapidly draft and send e-mails, and I […]

What will your Laptop will look like in 2015?

CIO magazine recently published a great review of laptop technologies titled “Meet the Laptop You’l Use in 2015” (available here: article). With this post I’ll provide a review of that article and insert some thoughts from a technology early adopter and disruptive IT analyst.   First some concepts from the CIO Magazine article: The Slider Much […]

Some Thoughts on Femtocells

AT&T recently released their Femtocell.  This device plugs into your home (or small office) network, and uses your current ISP to provide strong cell coverage.  Currently, AT&T and Sprint are the only networks with full on femtocells.  T-Mobile has their “Hotspot @ Home” which enables Wi-Fi phones to have better calling via your broadband internet, […]

A look at Verizon Wireless' Stellar Quarter 2

Verizon Wireless (VZW) stated that their operating revenues in Q2 were up to $27.5B. They claim to have 2.2M new additions – I was even one of them. But while they are attributing these newcomers to the iPhone and their stable of LTE devices, I believe a majority switched for another reason. It was widely published that VZW […]

Is it time to buy a new iPhone 4S without LTE?

Apple just released the details on the iPhone 4S, for those expecting the 5, they were extremely underwhelmed, and Apple’s stock has taken a bit of a tumble. The updates were all internal and all on the back-end. This has made quite a few people upset (mostly because they were hoping for the iPhone 5) but […]