A look at GSA's Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service

GSA provides many services to federal users, including communications services. They help agencies tap into the best communications industry can offer and does that in ways that can enhance security. One key method is MTIPS, which stands for Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS). This is a way to help agencies improve their online security […]

International Galaxy Note Review

Samsung released their 5.3 inch behemoth to some amount of fanfare last year. The huge screen, inclusion of a stylus and relative scarcity created a decent amount of news – but then nothing. I recently picked up a Galaxy Note International Edition and wanted to review it for all you out there. The Note is […]

A look at the "New iPad"

Let’s get started, I’m not in love w/ the new naming system for the iPad. “New” should never be in any products name, let alone a real piece of technology (will the next one be New New? or New and Improved iPad?). Ridiculous. That said, Apple has certainly upped their internal standards (as the iPad […]

Nicira Launches: Will change the world of networking giants and enterprise IT

My friend Peter Thorp has a way of sensing great technologies and then helping teach others of the relevance of those to enterprise missions. He did that with amazing firms like Netscape and Opsware and has been key in teaching many of us about dozens of other incredible capabilities. For the last year he has […]

CTO Security Report

We have a lot of news on the mobile front this week; This is unsurprising given that the mobile sector is expanding so fast that some have taken to calling today the “Post-PC Era”.  We all know very well that it’s not over yet, but it’s exciting to see such prolific changes in our day-to-day […]

Why I dropped Verizon for Straight Talk and Google Voice (No, seriously)

A few weeks ago I wrote about just moving to Google Voice and VoIP for voice calls. It worked a bit, but not perfectly. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan – Straight Talk’s AT&T service coupled with full Google Voice implementation. I know you are confused, […]