Planning continues for the Government-Industry Computer Security Summit

Two weeks ago we pre-announced the Government-Industry Computer Security Summit. On 28 September 2011 a small number of cyber innovators, computer security practitioners and information assurance experts will gather in an attempt to map out new paths for positive change in the cyber security dynamic.This summit seeks dramatically enhance the state of security and […]

Emotion Reading Technology Matures

Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have been developing a suite of technologies to analyze social interactions that are now hitting the market. In one project, actors mimed emotions and volunteers interpreted their expressions. The majority answers were added to a database that serves as a visual library of expressions which is compared  to realtime footage using […]

A look at Verizon Wireless' Stellar Quarter 2

Verizon Wireless (VZW) stated that their operating revenues in Q2 were up to $27.5B. They claim to have 2.2M new additions – I was even one of them. But while they are attributing these newcomers to the iPhone and their stable of LTE devices, I believe a majority switched for another reason. It was widely published that VZW […]

An interview with PowerAssure's CTO, Clemens Pfeiffer

Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Power Assure’s CTO and co-founder, Clemens Pfeiffer. Power Assure provides data center data center infrastructure and energy management tools, but their expertise with data centers carries far beyond just power management. Clemens spoke to me about how Power Assure can help any data center identify […]

Silicon Valley in a Box: A look at the Plug and Play Tech Center

With this post we provide some info on a capability we believe most of our readers will want to know more about, the Plug and Play Tech Center. For an overview see the video clip below: The Plug and Play Tech Center is a Silicon Valley facility with a very apropos name. If you have a business […]

Jive and Social Business

Just because social media such as Facebook and Twitter are known to sap productivity at the workplace doesn’t mean that they aren’t efficient. Quite the contrary- social media’s allure comes from its amazing effectiveness for connecting people, forming virtual communities, compiling, developing, and delivering relevant information and, most recently, perfecting and distributing apps. Realizing that […]