Building a High Performing IT Team

IT teams are a core component of most modern businesses. Computers and the Internet are simply too important for any business to neglect them without running into serious problems. Unfortunately, building an effective IT team is often easier said than done. Managers often have trouble working with the technicians because they lack the technical skills […]

CTOvision Named To BizTech’s List Of Top 30 Must-Read Blogs For the Small to Mid-sized Business

We are pleased to report that CTOvision has been named to BizTech’s list of the top 30 “Must-Read” blogs for small to mid-sized businesses, ranking as number 2 of 30. The small to mid-sized market includes all firms under 2000 people in size, which is 90% of the businesses in the U.S. We believe in the small to mid-sized business […]

Are Your Agency’s Management Tools Defeating Your Efforts?

Poor employee performance might be a result of poor choice of tools. Here are a few signs it might be time to look for some new ones. What does your agency’s workflow look like? Are your employees happy, productive, and efficient, or do they frequently struggle to get work done? Are tasks completed in a […]

ITAM Isn’t Sexy. But We Need It!

Kids love toys. The main difference between children and adults is the cost of their toys. Young kids love a Hot Wheels car and it’s only $2.99. Older kids need a Transformer for $24.99. At 50, a new Tesla Roadster sets you back $109,000. But wow, what a car! Zero-to-sixty in 3.7 seconds, 288 HP, […]

How to Turn Big Data Into a Competitive Advantage

Big data, no doubt, is big right now. When it blasted on the scene, businesses jumped at the chance to use a massive amount of data to gauge what their customers wanted and needed, tailoring their services to offer the perfect experience. However, with so many businesses taking hold of this advantage, it becomes unmistakably […]

The Paper Free Office – Fact or Fiction?

By AIIM president, John Mancini The paper free office is touted as being more efficient, cost saving and obviously dramatically reducing the environmental footprint – so why is paper usage actually on the increase in some offices? If a business was asked to buy into a concept that would enable it to respond quicker to […]