Lookout: Mobile Security Through Data Approaches

Lookout is a security technology company dedicated to making the post-PC world safer for everyone. They develop software that secures personal devices, protects the BYOD workforce and defends mobile infrastructure and networks. To address the unique security challenges of the Post-PC era, Lookout takes a different approach, tackling security as a data problem. They created […]

Appthority: The Authority in App Security

Appthority provides the industry’s first all-in-one App Risk Management service that employs static, dynamic and behavioral analysis to immediately discover the hidden actions of apps and empower organizations to apply custom policies to prevent unwanted app behaviors. Only Appthority combines the largest global database of analyzed public and private apps with advanced policy management tools […]

GitHub hires government focused employee, Companies want Lawsuit Shield to share Cyber Threat Data and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. GitHub hires first government-focused employee – GitHub has recently announced the hiring of their first government focused employee. GitHub offers social coding, which opens the development process. “former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow Ben Balter will join its team to focus on state, local […]

DHS Aiding with DDoS Attacks, Navy Cancels Annual IT Conference and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. OMB tells agencies to begin sequestration plans – OMB has released further information to federal agencies, instructing them to begin planning for sequestration. “Agencies presented with these circumstances should continue to act in a prudent manner to ensure that operational risks are avoided and adequate […]

IBM has a big problem, Telcos using Big Data and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. IBM has a big problem – In 2012, IBM failed their internal security audit. This has pushed off their annual review as a result. After IBM’s huge off-shoring push, correcting these security issues might be (almost) impossible. Via BetaNews, more here. How telcos are using […]

5 Worst Mobile Threats of 2012, NASA AMES Wins 2012 National Cybersecurity Innovation Award

ComputerWorld Singapore and Craig Sprosts, VP of Nominum, have outlined the top 5 worst mobile threats of 2012 – Here are the top five threats mobile users have to compete with; NOTCOMPATIBLE – this drive-by Trojan infects Android devices via mobile browser, which allows the device to be used as a proxy SMSPACEM – Android malware […]