How to be a “Rock Star” CIO

Our own Bob Gourley was featured in a post by IT World Canada which examined ways that CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and other technologists can better serve their own enterprises, learn emerging technology and even enhance their careers by leveraging social media. The piece provided insights on ways to help others via social media. Bob underscored the important role that […]

CTOvision Podcast: Big data, blackberry, RIM

In today’s Podcast, I discuss BlackBerry 10, RIM’s name change and the Z10 and Q10 BlackBerry smartphones. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. CTOvision Podcasts are available in iTunes and via our RSS feeds for listening in your favorite device. Please subscribe for content while on the go.

Social Perspectives for the CTO: Engaging Tomorrow = Leadership Today

Editor’s note: We first saw this blog at WayIn and asked Bryan Douglass to repost here. We believe the conclusions in this post are relevant to most organizations today, especially federal government organizatioins. – bg. Times have been tough. Consumers lack comfort in spending and businesses are struggling for comfort without them. As a result, […]

Common Criteria: What Some Vendors Don't Tell You

…and some New Developments. A Little Background Since the European ITSEC and US TCSEC product security evaluation mechanisms were merged into the Common Criteria in around 1998, lots of vendors’ product literature has sported EAL numbers regarding how well-tested their products are. What isn’t typically seen in such documents, though, is detail of the properties […]

The Cyber Power Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton recently released their Cyber Power Index, which compares the G20 countries in their ability to resist cyber attacks while simultaneously leveraging information technology in their economy. The nations are ranked based on 39 indicators combined into 4 weighted attributes: Legal and Regulatory Framework, Economic and Social […]