The real Gigabit Challenge is getting ISPs to think like tech firms, The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald's and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. PBS tweet entices SuperBowl watchers to Downton Abbey: how it happened – During last night’s epic Super Bowl blackout, Marketing and Communications director of PBS, Kevin Dando, used Twitter to grab viewers for their network. The Super Bowl (the most watched television event of all […]

iTunes has new challengers, Apple is looking to make Siri better and more

Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player take on iTunes Match. Who wins? The mobile music scene is not going to be easy to sort. We have solutions such as Spotify and Rdio, but iTunes is always the incumbent, while Amazon and Google are attempting to compete. Cloud storage makes sense, but what is the answer? Via […]

IBM has a big problem, Telcos using Big Data and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. IBM has a big problem – In 2012, IBM failed their internal security audit. This has pushed off their annual review as a result. After IBM’s huge off-shoring push, correcting these security issues might be (almost) impossible. Via BetaNews, more here. How telcos are using […]

Microsoft Windows Store Protection Hacked, Nexus Chromebook, anyone? And more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. Microsoft’s Windows Store protection cracked – The Microsoft Windows store is a key component of Windows 8, and figures greatly into future revenue streams for the firm. However, a hacker has figured out how to turn 7-day trials into the full version of the […]

A Few Days with the Google ARM Chromebook

I recently (finally) received the Google Chromebook in the mail. After over 2 weeks of intense waiting, it is here, and has absolutely matched all of my expectations. The device is thin and light and amazing looking. It is quite and never gets hot, even after extended use. The battery life has easily outmatched the […]

Square processing over 10B in payments a year, Google Fiber is going live and more

Here are the top tech news and stories of the day. Square Now Processing $10B In Annual Payments; Added $2B Over Past Month (And That Doesn’t Include Starbucks) – Square is quickly becoming the revenue operator of choice to small businesses. Their simple pricing has small business abandoning direct relationships with credit card vendors (and taking […]