Right-Sizing Data Center Resources

One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources.  Having too few resources can lead to overprovisioning, which can cause downtime as virtual machines become starved for compute, memory, and storage.  Having too many resources wastes dollars, along with cooling and power.  Getting it just right takes […]

Top Technology News for 27 June 2016

What’s more popular than pizza for drone delivery? For prisoners, it’s drugs, tobacco, rolling papers, and porn!   Inmates use drones to smuggle in drugs and contraband; this is how prisons stop them. – Digital Trends So you think you know Lord of the Rings, eh?  Use your knowledge to win tickets to  the Seattle Symphony’s July […]

Top Technology News for 15 June 2016

Need a primer on marketing terms for Machine Learning?  You may want to check this out: Machine Learning for Marketing: Cheat Sheet Networking has undergone radical changes in the past few years, and networks are smarter and faster than ever.  Read about some new developments here:  This startup may have built the world’s fastest networking switch chip […]

Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Why your CTO Makes or Breaks your Enterprise Mobile Strategy For consumers, mobile phone adoption has skyrocketed and smartphone ownership continues to climb in emerging economies. The following two mobile statistics make it abundantly clear that we’ve reached the tipping point: We have a lot more users globally on mobile as compared to the desktop, […]

5 Factors Federal Agencies Should Consider When Moving To The Cloud Infographic

Moving to the cloud is not a seamless transition for most organizations. There are ways to make it much easier, however. How do you do that? You learn lessons from those that have been engaged in this effort, paying the most attention to those that have successful execution of transitions under their belt. Carahsoft recently […]

Updating the CTOvision Assessments of the Megatrends of IT

We organize and report on the megatrends of enterprise IT in seven major categories. You can easily remember these categories by the simple mnemonic acronym Cambric. Cambric stands for: Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Mobility Big Data Robotics Internet of Things CyberSecurity Advances in these seven technologies are closely interrelated. Individually they are important and will […]