The Need for a Framework for Resilient Cybersecurity

There is little doubt that today our society and enterprises are more connected than ever before. The reality of internet accessible critical infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) has stretched the capabilities of todays cyber defenses. Moreover, the expansion of enterprise architectures to include these enabling technologies has […]

Webcast: 5 Factors for Federal Agencies to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016 Time: 1:00pm ET; 10:00am PT Duration: 1 Hour Five years after the OMB “Cloud First” policy was issued, only a small percentage of federal agencies have successfully moved to the Cloud. Join SAP NS2 to learn how a number of federal agencies are making progress in their Cloud journey. They will discuss how you can deliver more effective mission results […]

How to Achieve Elastic High Performance Computing in the Cloud: A Case Study with Bright Computing

Fabio Trojani, a Professor of Finance at the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI) of the University of Geneva and a Senior Chair of the Swiss Finance Institute, oversees a quantitative research team that carries out research in various areas of Financial Economics, Financial Econometrics and Statistics. The projects Professor Trojani works on, need to be powered […]

Can You Imagine Processing Classified Government Data In The Cloud?

DoD technologists continue their pioneering work in leveraging cloud computing in support of national security missions. Cloud Computing for DoD is hard for many reasons, including the fact that like many other organizations the tendency is to keep things in motion that are already in motion. The fact that the old things never stop makes starting […]

“Amtower Off Center” with Bob Gourley

Cognitio’s Bob Gourley was recently interviewed on “Amtower Off Center”, by Mark Amtower on cyber issues facing the federal ecosystem. Mark Amtower is an author, consultant, speaker, LinkedIn coach, and radio host on Federal News Radio. Amtower and Gourley discuss topics such as the perpetual threat environment, insider threats, tools and technologies for mitigating threats, contracts like CIO-CS where feds can access the tools […]

The Legal Challenges of the Internet of Things

These days, just about everything and every organization collects data. Even refrigerators collect information on temperature, usage, etc. Employers do on just about anything they can; some are in fact requiring employees to wear health trackers that monitor heart rate and other metrics. From cars to medical devices, personal data is everywhere. The problem is, […]