Highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

The video below is provided by CNET and covers various electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show. It is an early highlights review, but had enough interesting foreshadowing we wanted to bring it to your attention.  CNET’s Donald Bell and Bridget Carey run through the show highlights. Watch the CNET video here. Related articles Consumer Electronics […]

Voicecalls with New Samsung Wearable Will Not Require Smartphone

The technology of wearables continues to progress at a rapid clip. Samsung has released a slew of these devices in the last few years; the watches enable users to surf the web and make phone calls – with the aid of a smartphone. But recent reports indicate that Samsung has a smartwatch in the works […]

Nike Drops out of the Wearables Race

Wearables – trendy wristwatch-like devices that monitor anything from heartbeats to footsteps – have been covered here before. Some wearables sync with your smartphone; some wearables have colorful displays, and some wearables vibrate at you if you remain idle for too long. Companies as small as startups and as large as Samsung have gotten into […]

CNET Provides Overview of @HaystaxTech Support to #SuperBowl

  CNET’s Daniel Terdiman did a fantastic piece today on Haystax Technology titled “At Super Bowl, detecting threats is like finding a needle in a haystack.” Daniel’s post reviews some important mission needs for an advanced analytical/visualization system for the Super Bowl, focusing on the variety of uses and users the system will have. Through […]