How Far has Face-Tracking Technology Come in 2016?

The latest Snapchat lens that gives you fox ears may be nothing more than a passing distraction to send to your friends, but that lens, colloquially known as a “filter,” utilizes surprisingly advanced face tracking technology. Looksery, the Ukrainian startup that developed Snapchat’s filter technology (which Snapchat acquired for $150 million), created software that can […]

Election Impact 2016: 10 Nov on Capital Hill

CG Roll Call is hosting Election Impact 2016 on 10 Nov at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. This event is an opportunity to hear directly from leaders in DC on the impact of the Congressional and Presidential elections, including diving deep into topics like cybersecurity, healthcare, defense, energy, technology and budgets. Speakers include […]

We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement

In a few months we’ll have a new Administration in Washington and a chance to update our national security policies.  So it’s good time to reflect on what we might want to do differently for cybersecurity. A quick search on the Internet will reveal many national cybersecurity initiatives. However given the recent data theft of […]

Cognitio’s Bob Flores, Ex-CIA CTO, Featured in IDG TechWorld Providing Context On the Cyber Threat

Cognitio’s Bob Flores, former CTO of the CIA, was just featured in IDG TechWorld providing context on the state of the cyber threat. From the article: The former CTO of America’s Central Intelligence Agency, Bob Flores, has said the gravest cyber security threat facing the world is the lack of protection for critical infrastructure and […]

The SINET 16: These could be the hottest new tech firms in the cybersecurity industry

The Security Innovation Network (SINET) is an organization on a particularly virtuous mission. It seeks to advance innovation and enable global collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat cybersecurity threats. Supported by the US Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, SINET conducts events focused on this critically important mission. The key […]

BlackRidge Tech

New cyber defense that is military proven – cloak servers and stop cyber attacks on the first packet with identity-based network security. Partners: IBM, Ciena. For more see: BlackRidge Technology