The Debut of Invincea: New endpoint protection against malware

One of the things I’ve observed and personally believe regarding computer security: No enterprise will ever be able to fully train users to take the right action regarding computer security.  The reason: the threat is too dynamic. Of course we have to try, and one of the marks of maturity for an organization is how […]

Melissa Hathaway: Compelling action along a broad front

With this note I want to provide a three excerpts from writings of one of our nation’s greatest cyber strategists, Melissa Hathaway. Melissa has been involved in national security issues at the highest levels of government and is known globally as a cyber thought leader for good reason.  Her actions and vision for continued progress […]

IronClad Security for the Enterprise

Ray Ozzie, writing at his blog, captured the essence of a vision, saying “We’re moving toward a world of 1) cloud-based continuous services that connect us all and do our bidding, and 2) appliance-like connected devicesenabling us to interact with those cloud-based services.”  His succinct statement captured an end state we are all moving towards.  One of the things […]

Ponemon Institute Cost of Cyber Crime Study

This July, the Ponemon Institute performed a benchmark study of US companies to identify the cost that companies can attribute to cyber incidents.  There are a whole host of different ways in which a company can be targeted by a cyber attack, including corporate espionage. To complete their research, Ponemon examined 45 organizations, examining thousands […]

The most well thought out research agenda for cyber security I have seen to date

Opinion: the most mature research agenda on the topic of cyber security is the one established by our nation’s Department of Homeland Security. I’m keeping an open mind, and would love to learn of other cyber security research agenda’s that might be as well defined. But I have to tell you I have seen research […]

Continued Evolution of DoD Cyber Policy

The deputy secretary of Defense, the Honorable William J. Lynn III, delivered remarks at the RSA conference that captures a snapshot of DoD cyber policies. This is consistent with the continually improving path the department has been on for the last several years. I recommend a good read of the remarks and hope you share […]