New Whitepaper: Breaking the Attack Kill Chain


This is part of Cognitio’s Sponsored Post Program Cybercrime is now a trillion dollar industry. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated; therefore, a new solution is needed. The newest white paper added to the CTOvision Research Library highlights cybercrime and how to detect and prevent cyber attacks with the Enterprise Security Platform.  This platform from Palo […]

Your Enterprise has too many Cyber-ish People

Cyber has been called the ultimate team sport: CIOs, CTOs, SysAdmins, Software Developers, CISOs, threat teams, red teams, testing groups, etc. etc, but really should it be? It seems more like a jobs program that moves headcount from one part of the enterprise to the expensive nerdy-side. Sitting through a number of presentations at various […]

We Are Living In The Age of the Mega-Breach

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.57.01 AM

Every year for 19 Years Symantec has produced an Internet Security Threat Report, capturing insights which can inform defenses.  Their April 2014 report has proven to be particularly insightful, foreshadowing many of the events seen from that month to today.   For example, in 2012, there were 156 major data breaches increasing to 253 in […]

Announcing The New CTOvision Events Calendar


If you are an enterprise technologist you are bombarded with requests to participate in technology events. Some of these events are great! They can be fantastic ways to learn from peers, to give back to the community and share lessons learned. Others are unfocused, sub-optimized and a waste of time. How do you tell the […]

The First Taxonomy For Cyber Defense Remains The Most Important


Cyberspace is our interconnected information technology. And since everything either is or is becoming connected, one of the defining characteristics of cyberspace is its complexity. This adds burden to cyber defenders. Defense teams require experience, education, training and a mindset that lets them continually learn. They also must forge broad teams across multiple subject and […]

Executive Level Overview of FedCyber 2014


The video at this link and embedded below provides a short overview of FedCyber 2014. Our yearly event is a non-attribution session, and we are careful to respect that in this clip, but we do provide some context you may find relevant from the event. If you are a member of the federal technology community […]