A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety

The last few years have been a difficult time for those who protect data. Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed. The basis behind defense-in-depth is to deploy redundant layers of security products to defeat every part the cyber kill chain. Unfortunately inside attacks and compromised devices belonging to authorized users operate within […]

The Art of the Possible: Meeting Innovation Demands in the Public Sector

Government agencies face increasing pressure to be “innovative,” but as is the case with most big ideas, defining exactly what that means is difficult, at best. Most don’t consider that innovation doesn’t necessarily mean creating something new, but can simply mean doing something you already do, differently. For most enterprises, innovation is really about increasing […]

Innovative Thinking Is Hurting Security; We Need Disruptive Ideas

Security professionals by their nature are risk averse.  Thus it’s no surprise that the security industry is defined by incremental innovation.  Start with something that works and make it better. Unfortunately “innovative security” strategy is leading to an increase in cyber security failures. Increased spending and increased cyber failures now characterize the security industry. Gartner forecasts that security spend […]

FDIC’s View of Cybersecurity and Lessons Learned For All Industries

Information security is pertinent to all businesses in all industries and across all levels of government. Some do it well and some do it poorly. All should seek to learn lessons, both from those that do it well and those that fail. This post dives into an organization that is recovering from the fail side […]

AFCEA TechNet 2-4 August 2016 in Augusta: Join us there if you can, or track these mission focused issues here at CTOvision

AFCEA’s TechNet Augusta will bring together an array of military and civilian thought leaders and practitioners August 2-4 to help all players better understand the challenges the cyber element introduces into a combat arms fight. Both Christine Ward and I will be attending, and look forward to learning about new commercial capabilities being brought to […]

Changing Government Requirement For Market Research to Continuous Market Assessment

During interview today with GovMatters.tv I’ll be discussing an observation many of us in the enterprise technology community have been discussing lately. There is a growing consensus in the enterprise tech community (CIO, CTO, CISO) regarding the Cambrian Explosion of great capabilities in the tech sector. Although this is an incredibly exciting time to be an […]