Do You Seek To Support DoD? Selling your Requirements – in a fiscally constrained year

The Department of Defense (DoD) is still in business and will continue to provide the outstanding defense that Americans expect and deserve. As the DoD budget continues to decline, we can expect extra scrutiny on each and every funded program. This means if you are a supplier to DoD you better get ready now for […]

Love and Empathy for the DoD Technologist

IT professionals in the Department of Defense have always faced unique challenges. They serve missions of global importance, in the face of full spectrum threats (with many in war zones and all facing hostile cyber threats), and have always had to operate under a burdensome regulatory environment that can slow most actions. And they have always operated […]

New year, new Congress: What's next for DATA?

[This post by Hudson Hollister is cross-posted on the Data Transparency Coalition’s blog.]   Tomorrow a new U.S. Congress – the 113th, elected last November – will be sworn in.  The 112th Congress finished its run with a divisive confrontation on fiscal priorities. Advocates of opening up government data are rightfully disappointed at the lack […]

Ready to work on something that matters? See NGA Senior Executive Position-Director, Online GEOINT Services

A friend at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency mentioned that they have a search underway for a critically important new position on their leadership team. Details are at the job listing and are also pasted below, but I want to underscore something: Clearly they are looking for someone who can think out of the box […]

Sequestration and DoD IT: No Plan In Sight

Everywhere I go now, all I hear about is the upcoming Armageddon called sequestration.  As I visit DoD offices, attend conferences and mingle with my colleagues at breakfasts or in the halls of Government Agencies or Industry Headquarters, we all nervously query each other in hushed voices.  “Is your Company planning any lay offs?”  “Has […]

Free NASA Console Video Game, Justice Sues Telecom for not Providing Customer Information, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: Senator Al Franken suggested that  Congress may need to pass legislation limiting the way government agencies and private companies use facial recognition technology. More here. Obama administration officials opposed Digital Accountability and Transparency Act after it was approved by the House of Representatives. More here. The Intelligence Advanced […]