An Assessment on the Cyber Threat

How would you describe the threat to the US information infrastructure? If you are a technologist or a national security expert or both I hope you would use your background and experience and expertice and produced a fused-all source assessment based on facts. But it is also ok to cite the masters, folks who really […]

The ATI's Radeon HD 5970 is a Supercomputer in your desktop

Bright Side of News recently wrote an article reporting on ElcomSoft’s GPU computing attempts.  They used various GPUs to hack WPA-PSK passwords.  Check out the results here.   ElcomSoft leverages the immense computing power of latest generation graphics cards.  Cards such as ATI’s Radeon HD 5970, and nVidia’s GTX 295.  The HD 5970 is ATI’s […]

What is the Cyber Conflict Studies Association?

The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit organization formed to promote and lead a diversified research agenda in the field of cyber conflict.  The group was formed as a means to foster dialogue, lead research and develop academic programs focused on the implications of cyber conflict. To meet these goals, CCSA promotes and […]

Stuxnet: An important change in the national security landscape

Siemens provides the SIMATIC PCS 7 with “everything you need to completely and safely automate your entire production process.” There are some important strategic changes occurring in the national security landscape. A new kind of cyber attack has been noted, one that involves use of malicious code to attack infrastructure.  There are some important points in this […]

Defending Against Stuxnet Type Threats

The following article by renowned security capability developer Dr. Anup Ghosh was was originally posted at the Invincea blog and is reposted here with the author’s permission. ============= Question: what is the most significant cyber event of 2010? Answer: Stuxnet. While security analysts continue to marvel over Stuxnet’s capabilities, one disturbing aspect to Stuxnet is current defenses […]

Cyberwar? What Cyberwar?

Ladies and Gentlemen, put down the keyboards, stop reading the screen for a moment, and take a deep breath. I’ll wait. Ok. Now that you’ve done that, you can relax with the knowledge that we are not currently — nor have we ever been in — a “cyberwar” with any foreign power or group. Yes, […]