Now Updated for 2015: The Cyber Threat and the Role of Cyber Intelligence in Defending Your Organization


The Cyber Threat is a book published to succinctly articulate the nature of the cyber threat in ways designed to help business leaders come to terms with the nature of this phenomenon.  The book is available on Amazon (and is free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers). The book provides a high level overview of cyber threats to business […]

The Sony Hack in Context

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The good news for the moment is that the North Korean attack on Sony Pictures is in the headlines and has the nation discussing cyber security issues. The bad news is that neither the press nor the government is placing the Sony attack in context. Considering the Sony case in isolation is equivalent to looking […]

Game Change: Three Reasons Why #SonyHack Will Change Security


Editor’s note: As an advisor to Invincea I closely track not only their capabilities but the context they provide the community. Anup Ghosh, CEO of Invincea published well reasoned context on the Sony Hack at the Invincea blog, it is reposted below for your consideration. – bg UPDATED: on 12/19/14, the FBI officially declared North Korea to be […]

The quotable @ScottMcNealy said: Trying to run a business without awareness of the cyber threat is asking to be fired


The book The Cyber Threat was written to provide business and government executives insight into the nature of the dynamic adversaries attacking our networks. Understanding the Cyber Threat is critical to preparing your defenses prior to attack and also instrumental in mounting a defense during attack. Reading this book will teach you things your adversaries wish you […]

New Book On The Cyber Threat Free On Kindle Till 12 Dec


We have all been watching the growing cyber threat. Press reports on attacks are numbing and hard to put in context. Every attack seems more significant than the one before. What can be done? Our new book, The Cyber Threat, hits this issue head on. This book was made for technology and business executives who know […]

United States Congress Permanent Joint Committee on Information Technology


The United States Congress Permanent Joint Committee on Information Technology does not exist, yet. But some national security and technology thinkers are considering the pros and cons of a Joint Committee like this and with this post I would like to encourage you to think through the concept yourself. First, some background on what a Joint Committee of Congress can be. Congress has great leeway in how […]