Cyber Security for Retail Summit

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Cyber Security for Retail Cybersecurity has been the hot topic for the past couple of years in every industry across the board. With breaches, hacks and invasion of privacy, companies are in desperate need to keep their security software up to date and hack free. The retail industry is no different and has suffered the […]

Cognitio Cloud Transition and Cyber Assessment Offerings Available on Major Government Wide Acquisition Contract CIO-CS


Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) are pre-competed vehicles that enable any government agency to buy cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet information technology requirements. These vehicles are easy and fast for government to use, offering quick access to qualified IT service providers via streamlined contracting. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center […]

The Cyber Threat: Paperback and Kindle Edition Both Updated For 2015


What do business leaders need to know about the cyber threat to their operations? Author Bob Gourley, the Director of Intelligence in the first Department of Defense cyber defense organization and co-founder/partner at Cognitio Corp shares lessons from direct contact with adversaries in cyberspace in a new book titled “The Cyber Threat” (newly updated for […]

Learn The Latest In Real World Cyber Defense at the 9-11 Sep Cyber Innovation Forum in DC


There are steps you can take to reduce your digital risks and mitigate threats to your enterprise. One key step is to continue your self education in best practices. That is what the The 9-11 Sep Cyber Innovation Forum is all about. This event, organized by NIST, DHS and NSA, will be a fantastic way to learn the […]

Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall


Cognitio has been evaluating the new Verisign DNS Firewall along with its Recursive DNS service for the last several weeks. Our bottom line conclusion: Integration of the Verisign DNS Firewall into an existing environment couldn’t be more seamless, configuration and management are a breeze, and it delivers immediate benefit to the security posture of any […]

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Cognitio is a strategic consulting and engineering firm with a track record of helping clients address their hardest challenges. Past and current projects include high-end due diligence assessments for the financial industry, cybersecurity assessments and strategies for some of the nation’s largest corporations, and service on government programs that helps protect lives and drive technology innovation. […]