Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: Great Science Fiction Full of Thought Provoking Visions Of Our Near Future

Ready Player One is great science fiction set in the very near future. It is well done drama that leverages totally realistic visions of what technology is rapidly evolving to. Imagine a world where virtual reality and global connectivity enables universal access to high quality education. Incredible. Awesome. And achievable by us if we put […]

Big Money Is Being Stolen From Mid-Sized Businesses By Spoofing Internal Emails

J. Paul Haynes of eSentire has described the state of evolving email phishing attacks against businesses in a very compelling overview titled “Landing The Big Catch: How Sophisticated Phishing Attempts Are Effectively Intercepting International Wire Transfers.” The way phishing attacks are done varies depending on what the adversary is after, and in this overview J […]

CAMBRIC: The Seven Megatrends Creating The Future Of Information Technology

CTOvision has just released our latest white paper projecting the future of seven major trends in information technology. You can remember these seven major IT megatrends by the mnemonic acronym Cambric. Cambric stands for: Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Mobility Big Data Robotics Internet of Things CyberSecurity Advances in these seven technologies are closely interrelated. Individually […]

Cyber Security for Retail Summit

Cyber Security for Retail Cybersecurity has been the hot topic for the past couple of years in every industry across the board. With breaches, hacks and invasion of privacy, companies are in desperate need to keep their security software up to date and hack free. The retail industry is no different and has suffered the […]

National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Announces 2015 Inductees

Editor’s note: I was so excited to read of this year’s inductees. All are great champions who have given to the community over decades.-bg BALTIMORE, Sept. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame has released the names of five innovators who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at its award […]

Fed Tech Roundup September 4

The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem ( and  Fed Tech Ticker Mitre to Support Auburn University’s Drone Pilot Training Program New Guidelines Require Warrants For Federal Surveillance of Cellphones – Yahoo Tech Feds Will Need Warrant to Use Cellphone Scanning Technology Known as ‘Stingrays’ – ABC News No Organization […]