Melissa Hathaway Op-Ed on Cyber Security

Below I’m going to post, in its entirety, the text of an e-mail I received from the ODNI notification service.   The subject is an op-ed written by Melissa Hathaway, a senior leader who has been spearheading significant coordination action in the federal government (opinion: Melissa is perhaps the most effective SES-level leader in the US […]

Cyber Initiative and Deterrence

The Cyber Conflict Studies Association (CCSA) is a non-profit group organized to promote and lead a diversified research and intellectual development agenda to advance knowledge in the cyber conflict field. The CCSA is committed to developing academic programs and communities that can help the nation in this emerging area of thought. The CCSA is providing […]

Computer Security: a change to the net assessment

The threat to our computers and networks is very real.   Dozens of millions of malicious bots have been projected to be operating in PCs.  Hackers have penetrated sensitive, seemingly well protected corporate sites.  Denial of service attacks have been conducted against businesses and even countries.  And press reporting indicates even sensitive US government computers have […]

Rod Beckstrom and the National Cyber Security Center at DHS

I recently read some GREAT news.  One of the nation’s greatest organizational/technological thinkers and entrepreneurs, Rod Beckstrom, has answered the call to service and will be joining the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rod Beckstrom is famous for many things.  Among CTO s and enterprise technologists he is viewed as a champion for the smart […]

An Enterprise CTO's View of Cyberspace

I heard yet another definition of cyberspace today.  I won’t repeat it here, I’ll just say it was an academic’s definition and it was somewhat useful to the particular conversation we were having.  But it pointed to an enduring problem for those who try to study these concepts.  If everyone everywhere can create their own […]

The Future of Cyber Security and Cyber Conflict

As I write this there is evidence that the Russian’s are once again attacking another country through massive denial of service attacks.  For a recap with analysis you will not see elsewhere see The Kyrgyzstan Cyber Attack That No One Is Talking About . This is not the first time that a major nation state […]