Intel Corporation: Designing and manufacturing digital technology platforms

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is best known for chips, but is involved in many other aspects of the delivery of compute platforms. At a current market cap of $164B they have the resources to continue to innovate and we expect to see Intel as a Tech Titan for years to come. From Reuters: Intel Corporation is […]

Right-Sizing Data Center Resources

One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources.  Having too few resources can lead to overprovisioning, which can cause downtime as virtual machines become starved for compute, memory, and storage.  Having too many resources wastes dollars, along with cooling and power.  Getting it just right takes […]

World Bank and GSA Discuss Data Center Optimization and Consolidation 9 June

  Learn best practices and lessons learned on data center optimization and consolidation from leaders who have proven past performance in this domain. Join Frank Butler of The World Bank and Dan Pomeroy of the GSA on 9 June at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner for a discussion of how they and their teams optimized […]

Nlyte: For Data Center Infrastructure Management

With this post we are initiating coverage of Nlyte. The modern data center is key to so many enterprise missions. Well run data centers make direct contributions to mission. Nlyte makes direct contributions to running your datacenter well. For an overview of Nlyte see the video of the video at this link and embedded below: […]

Where Websites Live

The article below was produced by Hosting Facts. The total number of websites is expected to exceed 1 billion in the coming year. At the time of this writing, the number was estimated at around 970,864,745, and increasing by about 2 websites per second (Source: According to Internet research company Netcraft, as of this past spring there were […]

Fed Tech Roundup December 21

The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem ( and  “Fed Tech Ticker” New technology is aimed at keeping dementia, Alzheimer’s patients at home – Minneapolis Star Tribune Full Measure: The federal version of ‘Breaking Bad’ – Andre LeBlank on Artificial Intelligence and the future New technology plan in works […]