GreenTec: Persistent Data Protection With Storage Level Security

With this post we are initiating coverage of Virginia based GreenTec-USA. GreenTec-USA is a pioneer in data center modularization and optimization for servers, storage, video and secure document storage. The premise behind their cyber security solutions is one that leaders in the cyber business know well – breaches are not a question of if, but when. […]

SEPATON S2100-ES2 Data Protection Platform: Purpose-built for Big Backup

SEPATON designs and implements data protection solutions specifically for large, data-intensive enterprises facing the challenges of Big Backup. SEPATON’s fourth generation data protection platforms deliver the industry’s highest levels of scalability, performance, and reliability. These powerful, massively scalable, and extensible solutions are deployed in the largest enterprises in the world, enabling them to meet their […]

CounterTack: In Progress Cyber Attack Intelligence and Response

Improve your intelligence and incident response capabilities. CounterTack provides organizations with broader and richer, site-specific intelligence, enabling them to respond faster to an advanced cyber attack.Leveraging applied virtualization technology, CounterTack captures and analyzes instruction-level data from the host, identifying specific attack indicators and security policy violations. No one knows you’re watching. CounterTack’s solution operates in […]

Bit9: Advanced Endpoint Protection and Server Security

Bit9 is the market leader in adaptive Application Whitelisting. The company’s award-winning endpoint protection and server security solutions provide total visibility and control over all software on endpoints and servers, eliminating the risk caused by malicious, illegal and unauthorized software. Bit9 specializes in protecting organizations against Advanced Persistent Threat attacks. Bit9 leverages the Bit9 Global […]