How Much “Data Science” Do You Really Need?

Is it really true that “Nearly two-thirds of big data projects will fail to get beyond the pilot and experimentation phase in the next two years, and will end up being abandoned,” as suggested by Steve Ranger last year in Your big data projects will probably fail, and here’s why?  My take: to be successful […]

Tibco: Business intelligence and analytics provider

Tibco has long been known for helping businesses interconnect their data in ways that enable business decisions. Their solutions have served business users, including the more advanced statisticians and data scientists but also the average user. We track Tibco in our Disruptive IT Directory in the category of Business Intelligence and Analytics Companies. All indications […]

Zoomdata: Designed to support Big Data

Zoomdata is the next generation data visualization system that easily allows companies and people to understand data visually in realtime. Zoomdata develops the world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Using patented data sharpening and micro-query technologies, Zoomdata empowers business users to visually consume data in seconds, even across billions of rows of data. […]

Rapid Miner: Aiming for effortless predictive analytics

One of the methods we use to spot data analytics companies worth tracking is watching who sponsors Hadoop World. We just reviewed all the current sponsors and were surprised to find that almost all of them are already known to us. That may change as the event gets near, but for now what we see […]

How to be More Productive as a Data Scientist

Many data scientists find themselves in an interesting position within their organizations. For many businesses, big data is new territory and hiring data scientists is a new endeavor, usually in an area where managers and business leaders have little to no experience. All they know is that big data analytics can prove beneficial both in […]

Tamr: Connect and enrich all your data for analytics and decision making

With this post we are initiating coverage of Tamr. Tamr was founded in 2013 by a distinguished cadre of database industry veterans including Andy Palmer and Turing award winner Mike Stonebreaker. Tamr enables enterprises to make use of 100% of available data by unifying and enriching data holdings. Tamr’s data unification platform catalogues, connects and curates […]