Zoomdata: Designed to support Big Data

Zoomdata is the next generation data visualization system that easily allows companies and people to understand data visually in realtime. Zoomdata develops the world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Using patented data sharpening and micro-query technologies, Zoomdata empowers business users to visually consume data in seconds, even across billions of rows of data. […]

Hortonworks HDP 2.5: Improved Security and Data Governance

At Hadoop Summit in San Jose on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, Hortonworks announced a new release of its Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Hadoop distribution, version 2.5, as well as an expansion of its Partnerworks program and a new partnership with AtScale, provider of a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) platform for Hadoop. Some important take-aways from this announcement […]

New O’Reilly EBook: Field Guide To Hadoop

A new free E-book has just been released we believe will be of interest to a majority of our readers titled:  The Field Guide to Hadoop. This book is recommended for IT managers, developers, data analysts, system architects, and strategists who are faced with having to replace current systems and skills with the new set required […]

Technologists: Time to dig into the State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs Tech Meltdown

Stories are starting to make it into the tech media about what appears to be a massive melt-down of one of the nation’s most important IT systems. This system is not be as widely known as healthcare.gov, but it should be, because it is every bit as important. The system is the IT behind the critical […]

Using DBaaS to Align Database Management with Your Application Delivery Processes

Today’s application development teams are moving fast, but is your team being held back by slow database management practices and tools? For many organizations, this is a significant problem that deserves as much attention as getting application code changes flowing smoothly into production. In fact, they are tightly interdependent challenges that need to be solved […]

Top LinkedIn Groups in 2014 for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science

Editor’s note: This post by Gregory Piatetsky first appeared at KDnuggets.com.  It it he analyzes the Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science. Overall activity drops about 25%, but  membership growth accelerates in Q4 2013. Gregory identifies 4 group quadrants and find which groups are fastest growing and most active.-bg We update our analysis of […]