Presenting Tech To Decision Makers: Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone….

The KISS principle is the essence of good communication – Keep It Simple, Stupid! This admonishment always refers to the presenter. Encapsulate the essence of your idea into a clear and simple message. Simple is all about intent. Don’t sacrifice your core message, just lose the extraneous details. Why is simple so important? Retired Brigadier […]

Learn Tools And Best Practices For #BigData Innovation With @GovLoop on 10 Apr 2014

We have previously written about our friends at GovLoop, the online community for public sector professionals. If you are in or support government technology we hope you are in Govloop, they are a very open community designed to foster collaborative information exchanges. In case you missed it we want to provide some information on a […]

Join Our Virtual Tech Expo: Just tell us how to find your best YouTube video demo

We have been sad to see many of the great federally focused technology conferences cancelled. But that is a reality now. Time to think of other ways to learn and tech technology. We in the technology community have a duty to try to inform decision-makers of capabilities, even if there are fewer technology expos where […]

Debrief From The 2012 Recorded Future User Network Conference (Part One)

Recorded Future held their annual user network conference in DC 16 Oct 2012.  This post is the first of a two part debrief on the event: On The Ambiance: The event was packed. Standing room only. And it was packed with the right kinds of people. Government and Industry thought leaders, analysts and data scientists […]

Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital

There is a bit of an entrepreneur in all of us. Most of us just admire these great champions. Others take the plunge and create and build as entrepreneurs themselves. Just about all of us benefit from the results of these heroes of the IT industry. Whoever you are, I would like to draw your […]

Decision Lens: The Benefit of Foresight

Decision Lens is a prioritization software solution for decision making in today’s complex business environment. For an overview see the video at this link and embedded below: Their website provides the following overview of their software, process and people: Software: Decision Lens requires no download or installations. This straightforward yet effective step-by-step software allows you […]