Reference to Cyber Security “Wake-Up Calls”

  We have previously discussed research and analysis we did for the Cyber Conflict Studies Association on the many “Wake-Up Calls” the nation’s policy makers have declared themselves to have had regarding cyber security. If history is any predictor of the past, we will still be getting these wake-up calls long into the future. We […]

Open source cloud offers another route to better security, Fearmongers miss the point on mobile security and more

Here are top cyber news and stories of the day. White paper: NIST conducts proof of concept on trusted geolocation in the cloud – A group of NIST scientists working with Intel, VMWare and RSA Archer have created of proof of concept for trusted geolocation in the cloud. This allows managers to locate the exact […]

EPA completes Cloud Email Migration, Cuts Hit Cyber Drills and Security Programs and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. EPA completes cloud email migration – The Environmental Protection Agency and Lockheed Martin have completed the migration to Microsoft Office 365. This four-year contract migrated over 22,000 EPA employees to the cloud email capability. ‘”By moving to the cloud with Office 365 for Government, […]

Obama tags EPA, OMB and DoE heads, DHS 3.0 has cybersecurity as a top priority and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Obama makes three major personnel announcements – President Obama has announced the heads of three organizations, the OMB, the Department of Energy and the EPA. All of them have extensive experience in the government, specifically in organizations. Via FedScoop, more here. Napolitano calls for […]

Sequestration and DoD: Watching that old pendulum swing!

Watching that old pendulum swing! Nothing puts me to sleep faster than the tick-tock of a clock. Better yet: a grandfather clock! I love sitting there watching the pendulum swing back and forth, back and forth. It’s hypnotic! So maybe that’s why I keep falling asleep as this “sequestration crisis” implodes around me! To my […]

Awake Yet? The list of cyber security "wake up calls" grows as predicted

There are several certainties in computer security. One is that when adversaries have intent they will always find a way to get what they want. Another certainty is that leadership in government and industry is quick to forget the lessons learned in cyber security, especially those dealing with adversary action. This situation is known as Cyber Threat […]