How Big Data is Becoming Smaller Than Small Data

In E-Commerce, Small Data = Big Data and Vice Versa Big Data, small data and everyday data: Is there a meaningful difference between these three information carriers nowadays? The answer by data scientists would be no; some of the information that can be gleaned from Big Data sets these days can also be extracted from […]

WashingtonExec Interviews Ed Granstedt on Democratization of Big Data and BYOD

Friends at WashingtonExec have just published a discussion featuring Ed Granstedt that I believe you will enjoy for several reasons.  One is that Ed is a true technologist with an outstanding background and proven past performance. He has proven himself for his abilities in visualizing solutions, creating working prototypes and inventions, and seeing those inventions […]

Thermopylae Sciences & Technology: Intelligence

Thermopylae Sciences & Technology (TST)  is the leading Google Enterprise Partner, offering 100% web-enabled Geo, Mobile, and Intel solutions for Government and Commercial Business. We reward creativity and innovation, and strive to bring emerging technologies to our customers in ways that can enhance organizational performance and further their missions. We combine industry experts in information technology […]

Cumulogic: Redefining Platform as a Service (PaaS)

CumuLogic is redefining Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to include a complete platform for running applications in the cloud – not just developing applications, but migrating them to the cloud, managing, moni CumuLogic platform is enterprise-ready, providing runtime management, autoscaling, high-availability, monitoring, metering, and multi-cloud support for hybrid cloud deployments. CumuLogic’s secure platform is ideal for compliance sensitive […]

Tidemark: Rethinking analytic applications

Tidemark is the enterprise cloud analytics company built to be mobile first. Better performance, disruptive innovation. Tidemark thinks that it’s time to rethink analytic applications. It’s time for self-reliant applications for every user, not more meaningless reports that no one reads. It’s time for actionable, predictive, collaborative applications that cut across transactive business processes, not […]

Americans and “The Cloud”

A recently released survey shows what many in the tech business have already known for years, people do not understand cloud computing. 51% of Americans actually believe bad weather will have an impact on cloud computing. Moreover, 29% think cloud computing actually involves the clouds in the sky in some way. Cloud computing is creeping into […]