Innovate, Deliver, Protect and Analyze, the Path to Ideal IT

Steven VanRoekel gave an excellent keynote on Wednesday at the FOSE conference. Mr VanRoekel is a former Microsoft executive who has been in the Federal Government since 2009. He outlined the steps that he is pushing as the Federal CIO to improve IT throughout the government. He highlighted the pervasiveness of mobile technology, and how […]

Gov 2.0: Using Technology and Social Media to Enable a Paradigm Shift of our Country

Technology empowers everyone with a voice. Gov 2.0 is attempting to make that voice heard even more, so that we, as the people of this country, can have a better say in what goes on in government. There needed to be a simple way to access government technology, and Alan Silberberg, of Silberberg Innovations has […]

Innovating with Less, by Steven VanRoekel, Federal CIO at FOSE 2012

Steven VanRoekel kicked off FOSE 2012 with a bang. He gave an intriguing, educational and creative presentation that gave good insight into what the federal government is doing right now, and how they are solving the problem of innovating on a flat (and declining) budgets. Mr. VanRoekel started with the differences he found in government versus private sector. […]