Cybersecurity: Too Often Overlooked is the Impact to the Individual

Recently, there have been questions raised as to why corporations have been slow to be more vigilant about Cybersecurity. In the scheme of a large organization, it is often deprioritized because the minimal impact to the bottom line is a risk that is deemed acceptable to the business. For example, Target’s high profile breach cost […]

The Technology Related Content of the President’s State of the Union Address (software developers/coders mentioned for first time in any SOTU)

The 2015 State of the Union address was full of technology related content. Here are key takeaways from the perspective of a CTO: The President showed respect for something many American’s may not have heard of, but you dear readers know very well: Coding! In the context of education he remarked that “we’re connecting community […]

FTC Makes Recommendations to Prevent Cramming

A recent press release from the Federal Trade Commission identifies “cramming” as a significant threat to American consumers and announces the release of an FTC report addressing the issue. The FTC defines cramming as “the unlawful practice of placing unauthorized third-party charges on mobile phone accounts.” Often applications and downloads do not clearly present their […]

Net Threats: Deteriorating Trust in Governments and Corporations

Reflecting the increasing attention paid to information security by many Americans, Pew Research recently conducted a large study, “Net Threats”, to identify important trends among technology experts’ opinions and predictions regarding the future of digital security. The study targeted thousands of Internet experts to measure their thoughts and concerns about the future of the Internet. […]

FTC Report: Promoting Transparency among Data Brokers

The current wave of digitalization begets the trend of datafication – monitoring, quantifying, and recording an enormous variety of human activity and interaction. Now more than ever, businesses seek to possess and implement big data for everything from identity verification to successful marketing; data brokers, or companies that collect information on consumers and resell that […]

eBay Botches Data Breach Notification

Another data breach is making headlines, as has revealed that the passwords for its accounts were recently compromised. The peculiar thing about this breach, however, is the way eBay communicated – and did not communicate – the breach to its users. If you visited on the morning of May 22nd, a banner would […]