The First Great Cyber Crime: 1994 Attack Against Citibank

In 1994 Vladimir Levin tricked computers at Citibank and several of Citibank’s customers into sending $10 million to himself. He was found out after accomplices were arrested at ratted him out. Citibank ultimately recovered most of the money, but still this case is important to study for a history of the threat. It should have underscored for us […]

We Seek The Most Disruptive, Mission-Focused Enterprise IT, hosts a curated list of firms we believe provide the most virtuous, mission-focused, positively disruptive technologies available to enterprises today. We maintain this directory as a reference for technology professionals. We find firms to include on this list by casting a wide net. We talk with other technology professionals from around the globe, we […]

The link between in-memory computing and Big Data success

Note: excerpted from Terracotta’s blog (here). In the last few posts, we have outlined how in-memory solutions are being adopted in industries such as financial services, travel & logistics, and big pharma to overcome many kinds of Big Data challenges. Here I’d like to share an independent report from a leading analyst, Aberdeen Group, that reinforces the view that […]

Centripetal Networks Provides Internet Scale Cyber Defense

  Note: CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley is on the board of Centripetal Networks. Centripetal Networks is a firm with dramatically virtuous technology. The core capability of Centripetal Networks is a product called the RuleGate.  It is a very high performance TCP/IP packet filter able to make decisions in real time on whether to let pass/forward, drop […]

Andreessen Horowitz and COMMIT Teaming Up for Veterans in the Valley, October 25-26, Menlo Park, CA

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and The COMMIT Foundation are teaming up to provide 12 high-potential transitioning military veterans exclusive access to a16z’s extensive network of technology leaders.  During a two-day workshop, participating veterans with a demonstrated interest in the software and Internet technology sector will work with industry mentors to establish clear career goals and strategies […]

State of the Payments Industry: With Implications for Enterprise Technologists

Below is an infographic on the state of the payments industry, provided by Merchant Warehouse. We wanted to share this since it provides insights we believe enterprise technologists should be tracking and it does so in a very easy to grasp way. One of the most important trends is the dramatic up tick in mobile payments. […]