Tech at the Tip of the Spear

United States Special Operations Command has requested a Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation base budget of $427 million for Fiscal Year 2013 to prepare for the challenges of future conflict and to maintain SOCOM’s role a world leading fighting force.  In their own words,  “USSOCOM is always interested in new ideas and evolving technologies generated […]

Carbon Black: Providing Elemental Insight

Carbon Black, now a Bit9 company, gives your team key answers about the security and efficiency of your enterprise in real time. Carbon Black is the first ‘security camera’ for your computer. By logging binary execution, file system modifications, Registry modifications and new network connections on a Windows host, you can dramatically reduce the time, […]

Kyrus Tech: Changing the dynamics in incident response and cyber forensics

A few weeks ago I was invited to the offices of Kyrus Tech, which is a start-up company run by a former colleague of mine from government. Kyrus (adapted from Caerus, the Greek deity of luck and opportunity) does both government and commercial work in digital forensics, reverse engineering and vulnerability research, but I was there […]