Why I dropped Verizon for Straight Talk and Google Voice (No, seriously)

A few weeks ago I wrote about just moving to Google Voice and VoIP for voice calls. It worked a bit, but not perfectly. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with a new plan – Straight Talk’s AT&T service coupled with full Google Voice implementation. I know you are confused, […]

It's time for me to make the move to Google Voice + VoIP

After picking up the Galaxy Note, I realized that I am tired of being tethered to one device. While I have some of the best Android devices on the market (Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Transformer Prime), I can only phone and text on one device (the Nexus). To combat this, I have been researching […]

Dear Google, I am not buying Plus

Okay Google, we get it. You make some really great products. But what’s the deal with Google+? The service is seems to aspire to be mix between Facebook and Twitter, yet is lacking the critical differentiators that both of Facebook and Twitter offer. Facebook and Twitter have become huge for a few reasons. The first, […]

Android App of the Week – Viber

Every week at CTOvision we will be reviewing a mobile application that makes our enterprise run smoother. This week I will be reviewing Viber for Android devices. Viber is available for free from the Android Market here. Viber is a VoIP application that only requires you to register your phone number – then call anyone else who is […]